Original Immunoclip

$5 .65

The IMMUNOCLIP is affixed to the mask of any person with an immunodeficiency/vulnerability.
For example: Crohn’s disease patients, oncology patients, dialysis and transplant patients, etc.

This clip sends a clear message: “Please, more than ever, respect social distancing and my health, as I remain vulnerable.

Your objective is of course to purchase one or more IMMUNOCLIP(s) but what is important is that at the same time you have the opportunity to invest for one or the other of the partner Foundations in this project by clicking on the one of your choice.

The funding of the Foundations was greatly reduced during the pandemic, as various charitable activities could not be held (gastronomic dinners, golf tournaments, shows, …) I invite you to be generous by completing your social involvement with a donation that will be greatly appreciated. You will find all our partners on the page that will appear after your purchase.

Louis Sansfaçon (Émilie’s father)