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Because distance makes the difference

Immunoclip: a clip that saves lives

The Immunoclip story

This original concept is that of Émilie Sansfaçon and her father Louis.

Emilie, who was diagnosed with cancer when she was just 30, wanted people to know she was immunosuppressed.. She wanted to say, visually, to the people they met: “Pay attention to me!

ref, she wanted to be protected against the transmission of a virus or bacteria in order to avoid medical complications.

As she had to continue wearing the mask, together they developed Immunoclip, a preventive tool complementary to wearing a mask and other existing barrier measures.

This clip represents the letter “i” which we attach to any mask and which informs the people we meet on our way that we have a precarious medical condition.

Who is Immunoclip for?

To all the people who have unfortunately developed different comorbid conditions, chronic diseases or cancers. Some citizens who have been transplanted or who receive replacement treatments such as dialysis, in short, all these immunosuppressed people like Emilie was.

These people can now rely on a symbolic indicator to inform people of their condition, with just a glance.

Immunoclip's mission

By inventing the i pictogram, Louis Sansfaçon created an easy-to-understand visual tool. The word immunosuppressed begins with the letter i in 36 languages. He could be known and recognized by all. In addition, since wearing a mask is no longer mandatory but recommended, it helps protect the quality of life of people whose health is more vulnerable.

This little red i becomes a visual element that supports social and human acceptability. We must never forget that behind the mask there is “a person who must be protected”. For these people “distance makes the difference“.

In addition, the sale of these Immunoclips contributes to financially supporting all of the various partner Foundations in addition to supporting the “Chambres et salons d’Émilie” project.

On behalf of people with compromised health, during this period of transition and adaptation, I thank you for understanding their situation and for acting towards them with all respect and civility, as you would if it were your parent, your child. , your friend, or even yourself.

In loving memory of Émilie, thank you for participating in the recognition of the Immunoclip project and for agreeing to become ambassadors.

A human and social impact

By purchasing your Immunoclip, you are helping to take care of the people who need it most.

You protect yourself or someone close to you

You respect and offer a quality of life to the most vulnerable

You help hospitals treat other patients

You help many foundations to support projects for the humanization of care

You help save lives, every day!

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